What is HTML ?

What is HTML ?HTML is markup language for describe Web pages. Full Form of HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML documents are described HTML tags. HTML file is just a plan text file. HTML is a set of Markup codes or tags.

HTML documents describe between <html> and </html>. <html> tag is html start tag and </html> is a html end tag. Most of the tags have two parts, one is opening tag and second is closing tag, but for closing tag we have to use additional character (/) forwarded slash like </html>.

For practice to learn html, you can enter the below code into notepad file and save as .html, .html is extension of HTML language. After save the file, if you see that file, that it looks like a browser, double click on that and see the output about your coding, for update the recoding, you can write click on browser and open with notepad file.  For run the html file no need of internet or any other server.

Example (Basic Format of HTML Document):

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Sample Page </title>
<body><h1>My First Heading</h1></body>

Note: those content will be mention between body tag, that will be visible on output page. So output of above code is : My First Heading

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