Google’s New Algorithm Update Rolling out “Fred” Update

Google, the name we all are aware of and the purpose too, but the ones working on this biggest search engine platform know how hard it is to cope up with Google and its SEO techniques to rank better.

Google’s New Algorithm Update Rolling out “Fred” Update

Google more than being a search engine is famous for making changes in its algorithm without giving anyone a chance to predict the changes. There are times when Google did more than 2 to 3 changes in one day and made it a regular practice, and this is perhaps the reason that is declaring the launching date for each of the changes was dropped. This made developers work more on their SEO skills if they want to rank high and it also avoids one particular website to fix its place in the first position giving everyone equal chance.

There is a List of Google Algorithm Update. The new algorithm update that perhaps has been made perhaps a week ago and now has got a name and face. It is “Fred ” and the new algorithm seems to pay tribute to the cute animal’s figure. Many webmasters started experiencing huge droppings in their rankings, and it was not a hard guess to make that the reason is probably the latest update. It mainly has impacted the rankings and organic traffic.

People may have realized that something is definitely wrong with the Google because of the massive dropping of the rankings, but it was a couple of webmasters like “Black Hat World” and “Webmaster World” to realize these changes and letting others know.

Is Your Website Affected by the Latest Fred Update?

Well, just like the Penguin update, Google has launched its new update Fred to remove the web scam that is being practiced by many webmasters in order to rank at a better position on Google. As Google can’t reach personally to any website and can guess if it is being positioned by practicing the wrong ways, the algorithms are there to work on it.

If you have practiced and implemented the same wrong ways to get your website rank better in Google, chances are there that your website can be affected by the latest update. To know if is already in the list, then do check the ranking of your website and if it has dropped with a huge number, then you are there. The spam won’t work this time.

How to Recover From Fred Update?

Like the new update, Fred is here to remove and lessen the impact of web scam. So, the only way to recover from this is to remove all the scam from your website and to practice the right ways. Here are a few ways through which you can recover from the latest update, Fred.

  • Post quality and unique content
  • Post on a regular basis
  • The quality of the backlinks in your website matters the most, more than anything.
  • Make sure that the backlinks you have given are working and are relevant to the contents that have been posted.
  • Avoid Do follow links
  • Avoid buying paid links

Try these steps and see the result yourself. Don’t be in a panic, just so what is needed.

Before launching Fred, Google launched Panda and Penguin algorithms, and these are as important to be figured out as Fred. The latest algorithms are all set to change the scenario of the Google and website ranking.

3 thoughts on “Google’s New Algorithm Update Rolling out “Fred” Update

  • March 17, 2017 at 4:55 am

    Excellent Detailed Post!!!

    Please update me time to time.

  • March 17, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    This is an amazing guide for every blogger who want to know about the Google update & facing negative effect on a website. Your Post is very well written and easily understandable.

  • April 18, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Currently I am also facing the traffic drop problem for my few clients but not assured about this update. As the folks are discussing about the overload ads, shallow content so hope it’s just for that.


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