A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights

Facebook has not only transformed itself into a major and the top rated social media site, but it is also allowing the business owners to use it as platform where they can promote their business and that too to huge level. As the facts have made it an important and the overcrowded place, it is very important to know how your business is doing here and for that you need Facebook insight.

Facebook Insights

Many business owners are must have been familiar with the term “Facebook Insights” but those who do not, here we will help you out and provide a valuable insight on Facebook’s insight.

Facebook insight can help you know the better insight of your pages, like how it is doing? How many people joined in or stepped back, the interaction level, and many more. Take a look below to which extent this Facebook insight can help you.

Why use Facebook Insight?

Facebook is more known merely as social networking sites, but its popularity has reached beyond and today business owners are using this platform to promote their business. So, you may think that all you need to do is to create a page and update some new info and content about your site on it and your task is done, but you are wrong. You, of course, need to know how your page is doing. Are people reading your posts? And other activities, and in this, Facebook insight can help you a lot.

Facebook insight can help you know the better insight of your pages, like how it is doing? How many people joined in or stepped back, the interaction level, and much more. Take a look below to which extent this Facebook insight can help you.

  • Know Your Audience

Facebook insights helps you know your audience and when you are familiar with the type of audience you have in your page, it adds an advantage for your future promotions because you can take the decisions easily about the type of post your audience will like.

It breaks down the audience on the basis of their age, gender, and geography etc. and this definitely acts as an important factor.

  • Discover what Your Fans Like

Facebook further helps in knowing what your fans like based on their likes and comments and when you post something similar to what they like, you will get better promotions, enhanced engagement, and increased popularity.

  • Best Timing To Post

Facebook insight helps you know the best timing to post content or anything and this best timing is based on the time when the majority of your fans are active on the page. If you post something at the time when your fans are active, this results in getting maximum likes and shares which in no sense a good and smart act.

  • Your Monthly Page Insights

Facebook insights helps you getting your page insight like how many likes you received, the level of the engagement, and other things which are very essentials for the promotion and marketing of your brand.

Average likes and comments

Facebook insight can present you the data of the average likes and comments your posts are receiving and based on that; you can identify which of your posts are doing great, and you can create more engagement by sharing similar to that posts in future as well.

These are just a few things that you get, and the list has many other advantages. Facebook insight is just a right way to know, judge and engage your audience in making your brand popular.

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